Cab Engine is Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse Gold

A journey in expertise

Cab Engine’s in-house senior content creation team excels in web development and design. We have over 15 years of global experience using Umbraco to sculpt flawless digital customer experiences for our partners. We are also the UK’s largest user of the Umbraco Cloud hosting environment.

As package owners and contributing authors to Umbraco user guides, we can assist and advise on platform improvements and Umbraco development.

Cab Chassis streamlines each project we engineer, improving efficiency and minimising the delivery time of Umbraco websites for our partners.

As an Umbraco Gold Partner, be assured that Cab Engine is a trusted team of experts that offer elite guidance through your project, whether it’s developing new technical components or providing insight on the latest updates and features.

We have multiple senior Umbraco-certified developers with best-in-class knowledge and are also in direct communication with Umbraco to aid in fixing bugs and outages. This allows us to provide rapid solutions to our partners should they arise.

We’re proud to have partnered with Umbraco to become a Cloud Powerhouse Gold Partner. There are over 730,000 live Umbraco websites worldwide, and the reasons why are clear.

The benefits of using Umbraco

  • Multilingual & global implementations
  • User and data-focused approach; driven by customer experience
  • An enterprise approach to CMS and the Microsoft Ecosystem
  • Scalable as you grow

Umbraco has recently rebranded as a Composable Digital Experience Platform (cDXP) rather than a Content Management System, allowing it to become a bigger player in the tech industry. A cDXP, sits in the heart of your digital ecosystem, connecting with 3rd party services and applications.

Umbraco gives you unrivalled flexibility to build your bespoke website the way you desire with unparalleled freedom.

Editors are enabled to make and publish content quickly with a user-friendly experience. With intuitive content management, clean code, strong performance, and easy customisation, Umbraco is developed to get your message to market quickly and efficiently.

It offers rich integration, which allows you to fully personalise your tech stack, and swap your tools when needed. It is a future-proof content management system that adapts to your progress.

Running on the latest .NET Microsoft technology, Umbraco gives you the performance benefits of the latest tech in addition to the flexibility also provided by a cDXP - something you won’t experience when using a traditional CMS platform.

Umbraco release cadence

Umbraco’s release cadence is another reason you should select the platform. It now releases two major platform changes each year, with minor changes taking place every six weeks.

Even though this might sound like a greater workload initially, it isn’t. Previously, with Umbraco, there would be years between major updates, making the changes harder to implement and usually concluding with a complete site rebuild.

By adding more frequent major updates, the majors will be far smaller, meaning they’re easier to implement and allow your site to continuously upgrade without growing a large technical debt.

What is Cab Chassis?

We recognised that our clients required a more flexible content editing experience. This led us to invent our own chassis content editing experience - built on top of Umbraco, which allows editors maximum content choice and flexibility.

We design and develop using a reusable component library we call “blocks”. The chassis editing experience gives editors the ability to add, remove, and reposition content blocks, removing the rigid templated structure of other content management systems and offering full control of the bespoke content.

Cab Chassis incorporates a vast amount of different content “blocks” that are specifically built and optimised for each solution.

Umbraco’s sustainability impact

An increased internal sense of urgency at Cab Engine is our future sustainability developments and our contribution to the welfare of our climate. Discussions with our partners have highlighted this as a growing challenge for them too.

If sustainability is a contributing factor to your business proceedings, you’ll be pleased to know that in 2022, Umbraco websites that moved from 8 to 9 became at least 50% more efficient, leading to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Furthermore, Umbraco has introduced a new specialised sustainability team whose prime focus is creating new sustainable initiatives to work towards the cDXP’s goal of becoming carbon neutral. In their first year of calculating their carbon emissions, Umbraco successfully planted 10,000 trees and sequestered 1,000 metric tonnes of CO2.

If sustainability is an important factor in your business plan, Umbraco aligns with your goals. Show your clients you’re being proactive with your sustainability efforts with an Umbraco website built by Cab Engine.

Cab Engine’s Umbraco Experience

Since Cab Engine was established over 20 years ago, we have been responsible for hundreds of bespoke Umbraco websites.

As well as having vast experience building Umbraco sites, we have also successfully integrated the system into multiple enterprise-level tools and services, such as Gladstone, Hubspot CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, for partners in the UK as well as Europe.

View our case studies to see some of the previous examples of our work with Umbraco for partners such as Fitness First, Harry Potter, and Mira Showers.