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Our partnership

Working with one of the worlds largest franchises Cab Engine were tasked by a number of licensees to activate their products and drive their annual sales target by generating demand then direct purchase.

For Jakks Pacific, Cab Engine strategically created an experiential portal for their audience to interact with which all marketing activity would drive the parent to for valuable interaction with their child.

Wow! Stuff created the toy of the year with a mobile application and an authentic cloak, which when viewed through the screen made the wearer disappear.

Parent power – not pester power

Cab Engine designed the portal through an iterative design phase working with parents to understand how they want to be communicated with and what enriches a purchase, creating a user experience that parents felt good about.

The platform sorted their child into their Hogwarts house and then awarded them the wand the parent would then go on to purchase. The parent saw this purchase process as part of the experience they chose to share with their child or not. The innovation in eCommerce became a much-shared experience across social channels.

More than just a sale

The portal is also an ongoing training ground for the user once the wand has been purchased to teach them the moves and perfect their wizarding skills. We believe the value driven by the portal not only generated the sales results for Jakks but remains another legacy in the Harry Potter domain for future wizards to use.


Creating a global user community platform

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