Mira Showers

A partnership focused on digital change, innovation and best in class customer experiences.

Branding, UX/UI, CRO

Design & Development
eCommerce platform, App screen design, platform development, User experience, bespoke retailer integration and IOT application

Umbraco, Azure, Salesforce

Innovative design and considered technology for the future

Our partnership

At Cab Engine, we don’t believe that when a project is finished that the job is done and in Mira, we found a partner with very similar beliefs. From building the initial Umbraco platform and integrating with products such as ATG and SAP CRM in 2016, through to UX/UI design of the new Mira showers App in 2020/21, Cab Engine and Mira Showers have worked continuously to iterate and improve the Mira showers digital offering.

By holding regular workshops and strategy meetings we have created a pipeline of innovative solutions that address the specific customer and business needs creating a win-win situation for all. These solutions have helped installers find work during the pandemic, allowed Mira to offer service through Salesforce as well as product, helped users to keep track of their water usage and encouraged Installer loyalty.

An evolving platform for ever evolving business

The engine

The Mira Showers platform has changed and grown over the years as it has been adapted to meet the changing needs and goals of the business and the businesses key personas. Since the launch, the platform has been continually improved with a customer-centric focus in mind. With the introduction of tools to allow customers to easily find faults with their showers, find the parts they are looking for and in the case of the installer find suitable work, there is no doubt that the Mira showers platform sits head and shoulders above the industry competitors in terms of functionality for its customers.

Control at your fingertips; the smart way to shower.

Together Cab Engine and Mira designed the UX and UI of their latest app. It will allow users to connect, control and view the usage of their digital showers and baths from their phones. User interviews with potential customers allowed us to uncover the functionality and touchpoints required to design an experience that will change people's daily routines forever.


Exquisite service on screen

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