Data Analysis & Management

Are you struggling to understand the true meaning behind your data or know the best course of action to take from the insights gained? Our highly skilled performance team are on hand to not only ensure your analytics platform is set up in the optimum way, but also assist with directing your marketing strategy based upon the outcome.

Ensuring your analytics platform is set up is half the battle, being able to gain all the valuable insight needed to report on performance, build audience lists, provide direction to multiple teams across the business and tracking conversions is what will grow your business.

Getting the most out of your analytics

The difference between a successful performance marketing campaign and not, is a correct analytics set-up.

Our experienced teams when onboarding a new analytics account will conduct an audit to ensure all settings are optimised, every page is being tracked, the relevant conversions are being tracked and also that the right audience lists are being populated.

Most analytics software encountered is not fully being utilised to its full potential. With Google Analytics especially constantly undergoing updates and changes, as per any campaign, this is something that can not be left untouched for too long.

How can cab engine help you?

Our mission and values ensure our teams are enthralled with your marketing success. This is why our teams are analysing your data on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, ensuring decisions are well informed and every campaign is data-driven.

Analytics Audits

An audit is carried out with any partner, but can also be arranged on a project-by-project basis. This will cover all elements from settings to tracking and filters to audience lists. Once an audit is complete your business can rest assured all the appropriate data is being collected safely and accurately.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a very popular tool which many businesses are now utilising to not only track conversions but optimise website performance by not adding unnecessary code to their websites. Our process at Cab Engine will ensure all relevant actions are tracked as either primary goals or secondary events, once all relevant stakeholders have come to an agreement the team will ensure your analytics platform tracks the appropriate conversions.


A large number of retargeting lists can be built within Google Analytics through a high number of different formats and variables. Anything from all website visitors to those who performed a certain action on a certain date. This is where lists can be pulled through into your PPC campaigns and more.

Insight & Strategy

Ensure your campaigns are optimised and driven in the right direction is at the forefront of what the teams do. No decision is made without the necessary data to back it up. When the time comes to build a short or long-term strategy, you can be comforted with the data-backed approach the team will build.

Iteration framework

As with any digital campaign, iteration forms the framework. The constant testing of assets, copy, bid strategies and campaign types are crucial to delivering a data-driven approach. The overarching objective of all of our recommendations is to create an environment that encourages repeat purchases. By definition, specialists in 'again' marketing means that our job is not done after an initial purchase. Creating brand equity and subsequent value in the consumer's eyes is at the forefront of our data-driven approach to digital marketing.

Web Analytics FAQS

What is the difference between Universal Analytics and GA4?

Universal Analytics was the standard Google Analytics format from 2014. In 2020 GA4 was released and is proficient in both web and app flows combining into one seamless property. GA4 relies heavily on machine learning but can provide the end user with more analytical data and forecasting.

Can Google Analytics track real time data and historical data?

Yes, Google Analytics and other platforms are able to track users in real time and also review historical data. However, depending on your platform's settings and when it was installed can depend on how far back you and your business can review data..

How does Google Analytics collect data?

An ID is used by Google Analytics to identify installations of your app and engagement metrics from users. The SDK (software development kit) collects unique identifiers for mobile devices and other similar technologies to cookies.

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