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Customer Relationship Management, or otherwise commonly referred to as CRM, is the way in which a business engages and communicates with its existing and potential customers.

There are many different CRM systems and pieces of software available which can collect an incredible amount of data which can provide businesses with greater insight into customer interactions. In turn all of the data collected can help build a CRM strategy that helps the business communicate effectively with its customers.

Not to forget a proficient CRM strategy can also manage customer relationships and automate processes, such as email marketing.

How can CRM help your business?

Many businesses are often found to simply be using their CRM software to store their leads. This will utilising the basics of their email marketing tool and listing their customers in a spreadsheet or simplified database. Whilst this can work for smaller businesses, it does cause one main problem which is denying substantial growth.

The most common problems found are businesses not updating information in real-time, integrating with apps, or tracking how customers interact with their website. The team here at cab engine ensure you not only have the most ideal CRM software set up, but also a CRM that can do all of the above.

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How can cab engine help you?

Over the years the cab engine team have helped many businesses improve their customer engagement levels, customer retention and improve ROI all through optimising their CRM management systems.


At the beginning of any partnership, the CRM team at cab engine will perform an audit on not only your CRM software but also your business to ensure the CRM software is aligned and can fulfill the KPIs and expectations of the business. If and when the CRM does fall short, the team will recommend a switch to a more beneficial and cost effective platform.


This is where it gets interesting. After assisting with designing and developing your CRM marketing stack, the next phase will be to map out each customer journey, build customer segmentations and plan your CRM campaign strategy.


Understanding your customer behaviour and consolidating your data is just as important, if not more, than a successful campaign. Through the right set up, the CRM team here at cab engine can help build a 360 view of all of your engaged customers to allow for personalised communication.


What is the best CRM platform?

There are many CRM platforms and pieces of software available, however they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. A full understanding of where a business needs to go, what they are looking to achieve and how they communicate, are all questions which need to be answered before deciding upon which CRM platform is most relevant.

How much will CRM cost?

Unfortunately, there is no straight forward answer to this question. There are no fixed costs when it comes to finding the right CRM platform. A CRM platform in its very nature is a highly adaptable solution and therefore most pieces of software or platforms do not have a fixed price solution.

What is the difference between CRM and ERP?

Whilst both are very similar, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is primarily used for internal processes rather than customers or prospects. Businesses utilise ERP with the objective of reducing costs and overheads. It is often used by finance and procurement teams.

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