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Our partnership

Cab Engine began collaborating with Hippocrates Health institute by updating an outdated and out-of-touch brand identity, messaging and platform. By aligning Hippocrates' visual look, feel, and presence with the exceptional experience that guests receive on campus, we created a platform that truly told the story of what Hippocrates' is all about.

Following the engine build the team transformed Hippocrates marketing and drove results throughout the pandemic, helping people find Hippocrates, the healthy products offered and the teachings available; allowing both Hippocrates' and their clients to reach their goals.

A balance between form and function

The engine

The platforms are designed to be moved seamlessly by our user-informed architecture and naming the hierarchy of the site balances Hippocrates Health Institue's several different offerings. Built on a Umbraco CMS the site was integrated with a Shopify platform and driven by the data collected in a Sharpspring CRM Cab Engine delivered a platform that allowed users to book to visit, sell products and sign up to educational courses whilst being informed about the benefits of holistic medicine. With so many ways to influence its customer's lives, it's vital for the user experience that all elements are easy to find the balance of form and function.

Driving results in the toughest of times

Drive it

After the platform was built Cab Engine got to work in driving it to great success. Lead generation and brand awareness for a niche offering are essential for HHI and through a combination of paid social, PPC and CRM we were able to achieve some excellent results.

Despite difficult circumstances, HHI based in Florida was one of the worst affected areas of both Covid and the George Floyd riots, we achieved a cost per click of £0.20 for an awareness campaign and a cost-per-lead of £47 for a service that costs over £500.

image of two phones using Mira Showers website

“The results we've achieved with Cab continue to speak for themselves. Even during the global pandemic in which many businesses similar to ours have closed their doors, we are thriving. The individuals at Cab are worth their weight in gold and are the best investment our company has made in marketing during my tenure. I'm so grateful they're on our team as we continue our mission to make the world a happier, healthier place."

Lindsay Johnson Creative Director


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