We design digital platforms that maximise customer conversions through seamless user experience and brand storytelling.

What is UI Design?

User interface design (UI design) is split up into 2 parts: Visual Design, which is how the platform looks, this includes everything from the text you read, the images you see and the inputs you interact with; and Interaction Design, which defines how items work together.

Our designers will work with you to help turn complex problems into beautifully designed responsive platforms that are not only simple to use, but help show off your brand to its full potential.

The importance of user interface design

UI design can make or break the relationship between you and your audience. Everything we do at Cab Engine is focused on making every experience as simple as possible, ensuring a strong bond creates moments of again. UI design is not just about creativity, it’s about the process and ensuring every touch point is one step closer to a conversion and a loyal customer for life.

  • Improved user engagement
  • User loyalty
  • Trust in actions
  • Lower support costs

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Our UI process

However big or small the platform we ensure every design goes through the following steps to ensure the most enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing experience is had by every user, whoever they are, wherever they are.

Research and brand application

Before any design commences, we will undertake a review of what assets we have available to ensure everything is available for a seamless workflow. We will then create mood boards and design concepts to see discover what style resonates the most with the client as well as the target audience.

Design system creation

We design using a component-based method, this provides content editors will a full range of modular blocks that can be quickly and easily moved around to create endless different layouts to cover all the platform's needs. This gives us an efficient way to make changes quickly as the system grows over time.

Testing and iteration

By creating prototypes we can use a range of methods such as 5-second tests and scenario tests to ensure the design works the way it should and evokes the right emotional reaction. From this research, we can iterate until the final result is perfect.

Set your standards and speed up innovation with design systems

A design system is a style guide and collection of reusable modular components that keep your design consistent and on-brand whilst massively decreasing the issue of unnecessary development time. They are perfect for large-scale platforms and ecosystems.

Have multiple brands? No problem, we can use the same design system but apply unique styling to give each one its own personality.

Our very own Umbraco Chassis CMS allows for a perfectly streamlined flow from design to development meaning more time can be spent on refinement and making the end product better and better every iteration.


How do we integrate with your team?

If some of your resources are in-house, that isnt a problem for us. We use a range of collaborative tools to ensure full visibility is always available for the necessary people to see the designs. We also ensure all our designs are set up to allow for anyone to jump on the file and start working.

Will a new UI have an impact on our brand?

A new UI doesn't always mean changes to your brand. If you already have an existing brand we'll do everything to ensure we push it to shine bright on its new platform. However, if we do need to create additions to your brand due to accessibility standards, we'll always make you aware. 

Our team of designers are always looking to push the boundaries of design. So no matter what stage your brand is in - we're here to help your vision digitally come alive.

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Our client partnerships

Unlike other agencies, we don’t just like to create it and leave. We want to partner with you to help evolve and iterate your design overtime to constantly ensure conversions and going up and up.

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