Introducing the new Google Ads campaign type - Performance Max

Dan Hartill, Performance Marketing Executive - Driver #138 Dan Hartill, Performance Marketing Executive - Driver #138

In November 2021 Google officially launched a new campaign type called ‘Performance Max’ to all advertisers following its initial introduction in October 2020.

In this article we will cover what the new campaign type is, how it works, the benefits and everything you need in order to launch your very own Performance Max campaign within Google Ads.

What is a Performance Max campaign?

In a nutshell, performance max is a new goal-based campaign type that allows brands to advertise their products and services from a single campaign across several Google channels (YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps).

The campaign is designed to increase conversions and value by optimising performance in real time and across multiple channels using automated bidding. The new campaign type is designed to compliment search campaigns, however unlike search campaigns performance max utilises URLs supplied by content, as opposed to keywords.

What are the benefits of a Performance Max campaign?

Better performance

Google Ads claims to use its best machine learning and attribution technology within the performance max campaign in order to find your customer at the right time with the right ad for even stronger performance.

Google's claims are certainly correct if some of our recent results are anything to go by. At cab engine we pride ourselves on driving growth for adaptable brands. So, as you would expect when we heard about the new ‘Performance Max’ campaign type we couldn't wait to see how it would perform, especially with the campaign using Google's best machine learning and attribution technology.

After trialing the Performance Max campaign with a client of ours we saw leads increased, average CPA (cost per acquisition) decreased and average CTR (click through rate) increased significantly in comparison to a co-running SMART campaign. The impressive results can be seen below:

More time to focus on the bigger picture

As the Performance Max campaign uses automated bidding this removes the manual work of targeting, bidding and ad copy. As a result this frees up more time to focus on strategy and impactful optimisations such as improving the creative assets.

Goal - focused campaign

The performance max campaign puts your marketing goals in focus in order to maximise the campaigns overall performance. Based on the goals you provide Google will use its highly intelligent machine learning to find your customers wherever they are across the Google network (YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps).

What is required to launch a Performance Max campaign?

As with any Google Ads campaign type there are of course some requirements which need to be followed, these include media, ad copy and goal requirements.

Below is a checklist of everything you need to kickstart your very own Performance Max campaign.

  • Google Ads Conversion
    Tracking Implemented
  • Marketing Campaign Goals
  • Geo-targets
  • Budgets

Text Ads

  • 3 x 30 character headline
  • 2 x 90 character descriptions
  • 1 x 90 character headline

Image Ads

  • 1 x 600×316 landscape
  • 1 x 300×300 square
  • 1 x 314×314 square (for
    campaigns with Store Visits goal)
  • 1 x 128×128 logo
  • Recommended: 1200 × 628
  • Max file size: 5,120KB

Video Ads

  • At least 10 seconds in length (needs to be uploaded to YT prior to campaign launch)

Optional Requirements

Customer lists

Dynamic remarketing tag implementation


  • Google My Business
  • Google Merchant Center
  • Dynamic Ads feed
  • Business data feeds

Signals (optional)

  • First-party Audiences, incl. Remarketing lists
  • Google Audiences, incl. custom audiences

In conclusion the new Performance Max campaign is a sign that automation is not only the future of search, but the present. Since being first introduced in October 2020 Google has steadily built out this automated campaign type and has no plans to slow down as we enter 2022. Last year Google announced that both SMART Shopping and Local campaigns will be rolled out into Performance Max in 2022 which may indicate that the company is trying to edge more advertisers towards this campaign type.

The new Performance Max campaign is certainly another string to Google Ads bow, and if your business is struggling for leads, paid search could certainly be a channel for you. Beforehand however, it's crucial that you review and identify what challenges your current marketing strategy possesses before diving into a new campaign type.

That's where Cab Engine steps in, using our LIFEcycle approach we Locate, Inspire, Focus and Engage with your customers by being highly adaptable, experimental and reactive. To find out more about our LIFEcycle or how cab engine can help kick start your Performance Max campaign, speak to one of our friendly Paid Search experts or find out more here.

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