Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning for buying advertising space. This is different to the traditional methods of digital advertising which is more of a manual process.

Programmatic advertising can take hold of many different formats in many different media spaces. From video to digital out-of-home, streaming and TV. Taking advantage of this particular channel will arm your business with the ability to reach tens of thousands of new users and potential customers, not just across the web but across the planet.

Taking advantage of Programmatic Advertising

Before recommending this particular channel to any partner, we at cab engine take time to understand your business and KPIs. Not only this, but also your existing marketing strategy and how programmatic advertising can compliment and help grow your business.

Once we understand your challenges, we ensure accurate profiles are drawn up on your existing customer base, those who visit your website and those who may potentially become paying customers in the future. This will help us identify and build the most appropriate programmatic strategy to fulfil your business KPIs.

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How can cab engine help you?

With a data-driven strategy in place and highly engaging creative at the forefront of your campaign the team will begin to optimise and build upon the metrics that mean the most to you.

Expand your reach

At any given time of day and with the research in place to indicate the optimum bidding time, cab engine will be able to reach those users who are most valuable to your business. Whether this is purely based on exposure or from a conversion standpoint. Optimum reach levels will be guaranteed with programmatic advertising.

Comprehensive strategy

After strategising your Programmatic marketing stack, the cab engine team will consider the complete customer journey from start to finish. From here, we'll build customer segments and flex your Programmatic strategy accordingly.

Targeting options

Programamtic activity via cab engine comes complete with a wealth of pre-defined audience profiles, that can be plugged into your activity immediately. These profiles help detail your target audience's likes and dislikes, their behaviours and how they spend their time on the internet. This allows for completely personal communication at every level of their journey and a subsequent higher potential for conversion.

Programmatic Display FAQS

Should I use Programmatic Display advertising?

Here are some compelling reasons to enlist the help of cab engine with your programmatic advertising:

  • You will have the ability to target users on a granular level
  • Users can be targeted based on keywords and a page's contextual significance
  • Each ad's performance is tracked in real time
  • You can reach audiences across a wealth of platforms including mobile, desktop, tablet, in-app, TV, and even out-of-home.

What are the formats of Programmatic Display advertising?

Programmatic advertising currently encompasses a wide range of ad formats. It has evolved significantly over the years and there are now a number of varied format options, including:

  • Display
  • Video
  • Native & social
  • Voice
  • Digital out-of-home (DOOH)
  • Television

How and why is programmatic advertising successful?

Put simply, Programmatic Display is effective because it is targeted, efficient, and scalable. It aims to eliminate traditional, hit-or-miss campaign design. That technique was known for wasting a lot of money for marketers. You can now rely on an algorithm to identify where your ad money is best spent with programmatic advertising.

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